Kathryn Hore


This is me

And as it says on the box, I’m a writer.

My debut novel, The Wildcard, was released globally in 2021 by IFWG Publishing. It’s a twisting underworld thriller about card players who bet more than they can afford and you can find out more about it over on The Wildcard page.

More generally, I write the dark stuff and the political. Speculative fiction and crime, SF and horror, fantasy and noir. Dark Weird, new weird, weird weird. Urban decay. Cyberpunk. Philosophical dystopia and contemporary fairytale. Urban post-apocalyptic meta-narrative with a post-postmodern twist. You know, the classics.

While novels are my natural home, I’ve also had a bunch of short stories published over the years in several anthologies and magazines. You can find out where to buy some of them over on the Stories page and even download a few for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff? 

For some time I was also a blogger, documenting my experience through the fun-filled world of assisted reproduction on Fun with IVF, which you can still go read if you’re in the market for that kind of thing.

When not writing, I organise information for a living, managing libraries, records and archives in the higher education sector. I also take photos of weddings and spiders (if rarely at the same time) and have a couple of small children who fill my house with plastic toys powered by fading batteries. You don’t know the meaning of fear until you’ve been shocked awake at 3am by a child’s toy blasting demonic sounds without warning as the batteries die a loud and agonising death. Trust me on this.