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A timid young woman with a terrible toothache. A dentist with a sadistic streak and a history of cruelty. There will be drilling. There will be blood. There will be a reckoning.

And there will be the wee, wriggling things crawling out of the lonely dark…

First published in Midnight Echo, vol. 8

Generation Zero

They might be the last survivors of all humanity crashed on an uncharted planet. Isn’t it their duty to ensure the continuation of the species? Henriette, survivor and hero, isn’t so convinced she must sacrifice herself out of duty to unknown future generations.

Published in Hear Me Roar from Ticonderoga Publications.

Life by the Sword

Clarisse is back. Not for revenge, or to take out her enemies, or reclaim the empire that was once hers. All she wants is peace and maybe, even after everything, a little redemption.

But in their game, you don’t get to walk away peacefully. With so much blood at her back, how could she hope to wade clear of it now?

First published in The Crime Factory, issue 19.

Coming Home

In the dead of night, a woman returns home to her husband. But she isn’t coming back as the same person she once was.

Now, she’s returning to claim what is hers and she’s not giving it up, no matter how bloody or violent the consequences.

Published in Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Stories from Ticonderoga Publications.

Rain Maker

Summer. Drought. Christmas. A teenager who’s lost everything sits before a therapist who wants only to get her Christmas shopping underway. His classmates drowned and it’s her job to determine fact from fiction. But as his story grows increasingly outlandish, she struggles to know if he’s victim or perpetrator. And what to make of his tales of the thirsty dead and the coming of a rain to bring everyone’s ruin?

First published in Ho Ho Horror from The Australian Literature Review. 

Dark Moon

A young girl walks alone through the woods at night. While something sinister follows with nefarious intent. But under the light of the Dark Moon, not all is as it might seem.

Published in Transcendent, from Transmundane Press.

There’s a monster in the woods and it’s taking their children. What else are the villagers to do, if not offer up a new sacrifice? Blood exchanged for blood. Only their chosen one isn’t so willing to go quietly and there are secrets in this town. Secrets the monster knows very well indeed.

First published in Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep from the Australasian Horror Writers Association.

DSM V 295.90

Jade is a survivor. Through a military career, acute psychosis, living on the streets and the literal end of the world, she’s survived it all. Only now, as the world rebuilds, she faces a new challenge: life without medication. And she must learn not only how to survive this new future, but how to trust again too.

Published in Aurealis, issue 110.

Late Night Train

There are dangers on late night trains. You can’t trust anybody. Not the raucous drunk, not the suspicious businessmen with shifty eyes, certainly not the rough young man in the trench coat. Not even the would-be protector of the young woman who travels alone, never understanding how vulnerable she really is. All he wants to do is keep her safe. Honest.

First published in The One That Got Away from Dark Prints Press.

'Tooth' in Dead of Night

Including my story ToothDead of Night features the best of Midnight Echo magazine over its first ten years. The anthology features twenty-five stories from issues one to eleven and is a showcase of Australia and New Zealand’s darkest imaginations.


They are opposed. Since the beginning of time, to the end of all things, they have fought.

She hunts him through a crumbling city, but when a human girl becomes the latest pawn in their forever battle, the old questions come to the fore. And as something new may inadvertently be born, they find themselves together, asking each other the inevitable: Why?

First published in Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths, Vol 2 from Left Hand Publishers. 

'The Monster In The Woods' in
In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep

Including my story The Monster in the Woods, In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep is an anthology of Australian horror from the Australian Horror Writers Association. Featuring stories by authors from across the country, this showcase anthology is a great introduction to Australian horror.