Off To A Cabin In The Woods Again

So last weekend I headed off with a like-minded writer type to a cabin in the woods to get some serious writing done. Here’s a glimpse of what that looked like: Yes, there was some wine involved. I won’t deny it. It’s not a prerequisite for such weekends, but somehow always seems to be there, […]

Contributor Copy

I’m an avid eBook reader. I love my Kindle. I love reading on my phone, on the iPad. When it comes to eReaders, it’s just so amazingly convenient to be able to take some lightweight bit of tech in my handbag and know it holds hundreds and thousands of books. And if I want to […]

Transcendent Has Been Launched!

What’s the best way to kick off a New Year? With a brand new publication out in the world. TRANSCENDENT – the new anthology from Transmundane Press –  is out now folks, just in time to kick off 2019 with a very cool read. I’ve a story in this one that has been kicking around […]