Reading Rec: Bowl the Maidens Over

Look at this thing of beauty. Bowl the Maidens Over is the recent release from writer and researcher Louise Zedda-Sampson, and it’s a wonderful book I absolutely recommend if you’re into history, sport, women’s history, cricket, or just little known historical tales very well told.  It’s the story of the first women’s cricket games in Victoria, […]

Australian Shadows Awards for 2020 Works

The winners of the Australian Shadows Awards for works published in 2020 have been announced! I was convenor of the Poetry judging panel this year. After having served my time on the short stories judging panel for the last couple of years, with over a hundred entries a year in that category, poetry was a different […]


The Wildcard has been launched! In early May, I had the absolute pleasure of launching The Wildcard, as part of the FrankTalks literary talk series down at Frankston Library.  It was a co-launch with friend and fellow IFWG author, Rebecca Fraser, who was launching her dark and disturbing short story collection, Coralesque. Emceed by the […]

Coralesque: Recommended Reading

I don’t read short stories much these days. I’ve always loved the long form, for reading or for writing, and while every now and then I make a concerted effort to read short works, I generally gravitate back to my natural home, the longer the better.  And yet every now and then a short work […]

Continuum 15, it was grand

So I attended Continuum 15 in fine old Melbourne Town last weekend. For three days I watched, listened, pitched, panelled, talked, laughed, admired, caught up with old friends, made new ones, met a huge number of very lovely people, and drank way too much wine. I went with a certain agenda – to pitch my […]

Shadow Winners Announced!

For those of you who couldn’t be at Continuum 15 to see the Australian Shadows Awards winners announcements last Saturday, you missed a grand night 🙂 Here is the full list of winners – but first, a pic of the wonderful Silvia Brown, this year’s convener and MC of the awards, presenting the winner of […]

The Shadows Awards – Shortlists Announced!

Hey folks, the shortlists are announced for the Australian Shadows Awards and it’s a stellar lineup. I don’t have anything shortlisted, I didn’t enter this year because I’m on the judging panel 😀 And I’ve had a seriously amazing time reading some of the best Australasian horror short stories produced in 2018. It was an […]

ASA Award Mentorships

So, this happened: Winners Announced for the ASA and Copyright Agency Writers’ and Illustrators’ Mentorship Program 2019 I’m just a massive bit excited, as you might expect. I’ve been awarded the mentorship for a YA manuscript I currently have in development – a Western, that’s also speculative fiction, but still mostly Western. SpecFic and Westerns […]

Off To A Cabin In The Woods Again

So last weekend I headed off with a like-minded writer type to a cabin in the woods to get some serious writing done. Here’s a glimpse of what that looked like: Yes, there was some wine involved. I won’t deny it. It’s not a prerequisite for such weekends, but somehow always seems to be there, […]

Contributor Copy

I’m an avid eBook reader. I love my Kindle. I love reading on my phone, on the iPad. When it comes to eReaders, it’s just so amazingly convenient to be able to take some lightweight bit of tech in my handbag and know it holds hundreds and thousands of books. And if I want to […]