Conflux 16 Visions of Time

Conventions are back, baby. Last weekend, I took myself up to Canberra for Conflux 16 Visions of Time – the speculative fiction convention which was being held for the first time since the pandemic began. 

And boy was it a good time.

Three days of fabulous panels and excellent people talking speculative fiction writing, books, genres, art, editing, publishing, commentary, and all associated subject matter. 

I attended heaps of great panels, met a huge number of new people and reconnected with a bunch of others I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. Spent a lot of time in conversation and community. Drank a great deal too many G&Ts at the bar.

I also appeared on a couple of panels, including:



Re-Imagining Horror in a Pandemic

Going from right to left (because why not?) and  leaving myself in the red-and-black checked dress out, we have the awesome: Zachary AshfordBen PienaarLeanbh Pearson and Z Aung.


Photo credit: Louise Zedda-Sampson
Photo credit: Kat Clay
Photo credit: Kat Clay



Writing Mentorships

This time going from left to right, just because, and leaving myself in the plaid pants out, we have the seriously amazing: Kaaron WarrenJ Ashley-Smith and CH Pearce


And here’s a random selection of other panels and people and even some of my books on the dealer’s table, because that still gives me a thrill, to see my books out in the wild.

All in all, well worth the 8+ hr drive each way and I enjoyed every second. Even if I now need a week hibernating alone to recover from being constantly social for three days straight. 

See you at Conflux next year, folks..!

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