Goodbye old me, Hello new! Time to update the headshots…

With a new book coming out this year, it was time to update the headshots. Nobody tells you when you become an author that you’ll need to have a decent photo of yourself, but there you go.

This was my older one, taken around 2015, from memory:

Seeing as that one was coming up on seven years old now, it was time for something new.

Fortunately, my partner also happens to be a professional photographer, so one chilly Sunday afternoon, when the sun was shining, but not too brightly because no photographer likes harsh overhead sunlight, I dragged him out to a park to get some updated headshots done. 

(It had to be the park, because we’ve packed our home student solid with biking equipment in recently years, since he gave up most studio work.)

Three million shots later, there were a handful I was happy to approve:

So there you have it. New author shots done and dusted. 

And to end this rather self-image absorbed post, for a point of comparison, here’s my very original author shot (which still appears on the About page of this site) from, oh, about twenty years ago now…

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